Welcome to Pet Care Portal!

Sure, caring for a pet means added responsibility and cost, but rest assured, pet care portal is armed to the teeth with information to guide you along the way. The love, affection, and companionship owners can receive from their pets is very rewarding. They don't call a dog man's best friend for nothing!

Sorry! How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Garett and I'm a petoholic. You name a pet, and I've had it, or have been involved in its care to some capacity. I am a Cal Poly trained animal scientist and have years of experience working in the veterinary field as a vet assistant. Well enough about me, let us focus on you and your needs. That is why you are here isn't it?

I created this site in hopes of providing quality content and information for you. I'll do my best not to let you down.

Here are some pages linking to care sheets for various animals to get you started on your journey towards pet parenthood!


P.S. Check out our sister site about Dog Breeds if you get the chance. We would love to hear about you and your dog!

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