Basics of Lizard Pet Care

water dragon

The basics of lizard pet care in a sense is not so basic after all. There is such a variety of lizard species that all, for the most part, have different needs in captivity. For example, proper care for a pet lizard from a desert region will be completely different from a lizard from tropical region.

Some lizards require special lighting, while others may do just fine with an under the tank heater. One species may enjoy crickets while another might thrive on a diet of baby food. Another species might need a more humid environment while one is happy with no water at all!

There are many things to consider in lizard pet care, but it isn't really all that difficult. Don't let a little leg work put you off reptile pet care! You just need the right information for the right type of lizard and you are good to go.

Some of the best pets I've ever been lucky enough to have the experience of owning have been reptiles. I actually can't remember a time in my life when I did not have one. I was lucky enough as a kid to have parents that loved animals as much as I did.

This page will focus on providing detailed information for some of the lizards most commonly found in the pet trade. They can come in many different sizes, colors, and i'll be honest, some of them can have an attitude!

In order to see a picture and an informative care sheet for that species, click on the lizard's name that appears as a text link.

fat tailed gecko

African Fat Tailed Gecko
Click the link above for a detailed african fat tailed gecko care sheet!

bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon
Select the link above to learn about bearded dragon care!

blue tongued skink

Blue-tongued Skink
Click on the link above for detailed blue tongue skink information!

crested gecko

Crested Gecko
Click on the link above for a detailed crested gecko care sheet!

green anole

Green Anole
Select the hyper link above to learn a thing or two about Green Anole Care!

green iguana

Green Iguana
Click the link above to learn more about iguana pet care!

lepard gecko

Leopard Gecko
Click the above link for an informative leopard gecko care sheet!

tokay gecko

Tokay Gecko
Click the link above for an informative tokay gecko care sheet!

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